Kevin Lacey Wins by Four for First Victory on Great Lakes Tour in 1999

lacey.jpg (5900 bytes)Charleston, WV Kevin Lacey of Cincinnati took command of the tournament in the second round and earned his first victory of the year on the Great Lakes Tour. This tournament was held on the site of the Northern Open Tournament, which is to be held at the Charleston facility in mid August. Saturday was a hot day with temperatures in the upper 80s and so was the putting.

Heading into the final round Kevin Lacey held a one shot lead over Mike ORourke and a two shot lead over Jim Cruse. Kevin finished off his competion with a final round score of 26, 10-under par to shoot 79. Finishing in second place was Jay Hadsell who shot 83, 25-under par and tied for third place were Tom Butler and Jim Cruse at 84, 24 -under par. Kevin victory qualified him for the state finals to be held in Willoughby, OH. Along with his medal play victory Kevin also won the match play finals and earning him his second spot in the state finals. On a side note Tom Butlers winning streak in match play came to a halt at 17 matches in a row.

The Great Lakes next tournament is in Erie, Pa on June 5 and 6, 1999. The North Carolina and South Carolina tours are next in action on June 5 and 6, 1999 in Asheville, NC. The Virginia tour next plays on June 5 and 6, 1999 in Fredericksburg, VA.

Article and scores provided by Paul Johns

Professional Scores from the 1999 Charleston, WV Event (29 May 1999)

NameRound 1Round 2Round 3Total PointsMoney
1Kevin Lacey 2825267935$140.00
2Jay Hadsell3125278325$110.00
3Tom Butler 2930258417.5$80.00
Jim Cruse 2827298417.5$80.00
5Rich Gillooly 282829859$48.75
Dave Nutini 302728859$48.75
Paul Pastilong 283027859$48.75
Mike O’Rourke 282631859$48.75
9Todd Viau302927863$45.00
Rod Miller312827863$45.00
11John Ventura 293226872
12Ken Hastings 332827882
Bill Baus 302830882
Phil Conlan303127882
Paul Johns312631882
Jim Heikkinen273229882
17Mike Brown 313028892
Mike McCormack303029892
19Bart Bason322930912
Jim Engel 303130912
21Roger Beckerman313031922
John Napoli 303131922
Bruce Kaiser 273728922
24Bill Thompson333328942
25Gene Reams 293333952
Barb Mingo323132952
27Mark Hasty372635982
28John McCabe3336321012

  Amateur Scores from the 1999 Charleston, WV Event (29 May 1999)



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