Ward Wins Orange Lake Open

Orlando, FL - Greg Ward of Loganville, GA, put together rounds of 28, 23, 23 Tuesday, September 15th, during the $2,000 Orange Lake Resort & Country Club Open. His score of 74, 34 under par, gave him a two-stroke victory over Jay Klapper also of Loganville, GA. This triumph, the 16th victory this season for the soft-spoken Ward, places him in contention for Player of the Year honors in the 39th season of the Professional Putters Association.

"I had two really great back-to-back rounds with the 23s," says Ward, who earned $300. "I feel fortunate to win."

Jay Klapper, who was second at 76, won $200. Dan Anders of Columbus, GA, Rainey Statum of Kingwood, TX, Bob Davis of Wilmington, NC, and David McCaslin of Indialantic, FL, shared third at 78 earning $118.75 each.

Rounding out the top 10 were C.L. Jones of Danville, VA, Greg Newport of Liberty, NC, Bill Kirby, Jr. of Fayetteville, NC, Charlie Greenwalt of Indianapolis, IN, and John Napoli of Clearwater Beach, FL, all at 79. Napoli is one of only two people in the history of the game to score a perfect round of 18, a feat he accomplished in 1978 in Columbus, OH.

While Ward led the way in the professional division, Jim Engel of Canfield, OH, upstaged the event by outdueling the 100-plus field with a 73, one stroke better than Ward, to win the Amateur Putters Association category. "It's great to beat the pros," Engel said, "but they are playing under a lot more pressure than we are in the amateur class. But it's something I'm proud of and surely something I'll always remember." Engel scored an 8-stroke victory over Rich Gillooly of Canton, OH. Robb Titchell of Columbus, OH and Jim Cruse of Baltimore, OH, shared third at 83. Mike Fowler of Greer, SC, won the Novice division with a 91 total. Rodney Rogers of Dublin, OH, was second at 96.

Professional Scores for Orange Lake $2,000 Open

  Round PrizeNationals


1Greg Ward28232374$300.00 50.00
2Jay Klapper23272676$200.00 49.00
3Dan Anders30252378$118.75 46.50
 Rainey Statum25292478$118.75 46.50
 Bob Davis28252578$118.75 46.50
 Dave McCaslin27262578$118.75 46.50
7C. L. Jones24322379$91.00 43.00
 John Napoli27282479$91.00
 Greg Newport26292479$91.00 43.00
 Charlie Greenwalt28252679$91.00
 Bill Kirby, Jr.23282879$91.00 43.00
12Andy Coradini28272580$80.00 40.00
 Kevin Lacey25292680$80.00 40.00
 Ron Lamplough29242780$80.00
 Larry Simpson24263080$80.00 40.00
16Joel Baker28272681$50.00
 Jeff Garrison24282981$50.00
 Danny McCaslin25243281$50.00 38.00
19Robert Johnson2928258236.50
 Bo Luthie2431278236.50
21Gary Hester2729278333.50
 Peter Neumann3223288333.50
 Tom Butler2925298333.50
 Cliff Matthews2628298333.50
25Dave Nutini27312684
 Frank Warren3225278429.00
 Lee Messinger29282784
 Jimmy Mott2928278429.00
 Paul Pastilong28292784
 Brad Lebo3224288429.00
 Ron Frederick26302884
 Mike Brown3025298429.00
 Fred Stewart27282984
 Paul Sample28263084
 Rusty Taylor2727308429.00
37Jeffrey Smith2832258524.00
 Alan Morris28312685
 Thomas Rawles30272885
 Randy Orr3027288524.00
 Lewis Burton2730288524.00
 Darrell Britt2630298524.00
 David Lynch2630298524.00
44John Ventura3227278619.50
 Greg Roberts3028288619.50
 Rick Baird2632288619.50
 Al Simpson29282986
 Danny Dore2629318619.50
49Gary English32282787
 Tony Varnadore3129278715.50
 Todd Fowler2930288715.50
 Bill Baus26332887
 Todd Barfield2830298715.50
 Mike Damsky2928308715.50
55Randy Reeves3127308812.00
 Rick Alessi3028308812.00
 Dave Taylor2727348812.00
58Bill Walsh28342789
 Tony Jackson2633308910.00
60Buddy Taylor283230908.50
 Bob Haizlip272835908.50
62Barb Mingo313031926.50
 Jim Heikkinen303032926.50
64Bart Bason283728935.00
 Roger Beckerman31332993
 Robby Bryant31323093
67Paul Johns283432944.00
68Jim Fleming33323297
 Wally Walters28353497
70Mark Hasty343827993.00
71Elias Dakessian383637111  

Amateur Scores for Orange Lake $2,000 Open

  Round Prize


1Jim Engel22252673$25.00
2Rich Gillooly28282581$25.00
3Robb Titchell26322583$25.00
 Jim Cruse26282983$25.00
5Dom Perry28263084
 William Glisson, Jr.29253084
7Scott Buddie30312889
8Jeff Brown29303190
 Karl Moe28352790
 Craig Williams31312890
11Ken Hastings29333193
12Karen Hastings29353195

Novice Scores for Orange Lake $2,000 Open



1Mike Fowler30313091
2Rodney Rogers32333196



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