Ward Captures the $10,000 Eastern Open

Lynchburg, VA - 18-19 July 1998 - PPA National Touring Pro Greg Ward of Loganville, Ga., captured the title after an eight round total of 210, 78 under par, Sunday, at the 1998 Professional Putters Association $10,000 Eastern Open in Lynchburg, Va.

The 36 year old salesman, sponsored by Moss Distributors, edged out his "neighbor", Andy Coradini, also of Loganville, Ga. by one stroke. Ward and Coradini battled through the last four rounds with Coradini firing 29, 27, 26, 27 and Ward answering him back with 27, 26, 27, 26. Coradini, 1993 PPA National Champion, finished in second place with a two day total of 211, 77 under par.

"I knew that Andy and I were leading the field, and it brought the whole competition to a new level," said Ward. "We weren't more than two strokes away the entire tournament. If I let my guard down, it could have been him. I was fortunate, but I also made a few great shots."

National Touring Pro Kevin Lacey of Cincinnati, Ohio and winner of the $10,000 Southern Open moved into third position with a two day total of 215, 73 under par. Lacey, who shot a nearly perfect round of 19 at the Southern Open, shot rounds of 27, 28, 26, 26.

In the APA Division, Saturday's leader Kevin Garrett of Richmond, Va., fell by twelve strokes to Jim Cruse of Baltimore, Ohio. Cruse shot impressive rounds of 23, 26, 24, 25 for a two day total of 213, 75 under par. Garrett shot rounds of 26, 30, 27, 30 for a two day total of 225, 63 under par.

Professional Scores for 1998 Eastern Open

1Greg Ward2622282827262726210$2,000.00 100
2Andy Coradini2526252629272627211$1,200.00 98
3Kevin Lacey2528262927282626215$700.00 96
4Cliff Matthews2727272924272629216$500.00 92
Rainey Statum2826282624322329216$500.00 92
Gary Hester2923292727272727216$500.00 92
7Mike Brown3023292728262529217$400.00 87
Lewis Burton2528302826252827217$400.00 87
Brett Saucer2926312725302722217$400.00
10Danny Dore2326312930242629218$350.00 84
11Dan Anders2925292727272828220$275.00 82
12Paul Johns3030302725282724221$237.50 79
Bill Kirby, Jr.3027242827292729221$237.50 79
14Bob Davis2830312526252829222$208.33 74
Todd Barfield2923262630273031222$208.33 74
Tom Butler3023293027292925222$208.33 74
17Brad Lebo2428292931282727223$173.00 66
Danny McCaslin2629312531272925223$173.00 66
Bart Bason2828272825302532223$173.00 66
Peter Neumann2628282830262928223$173.00 66
Dave Taylor2728302827292430223$173.00 66
22Todd Fowler2631293129252726224$165.00 60
Thomas Rawles2628332824272830224$165.00
24Greg Newport2827312822283130225$66.00 57
Frank Warren2729312826332427225$66.00 57
Gary English3031272529262829225$66.00
Manfred Stewart3128283127272627225$66.00
Dan Kerth2828302525292931225$66.00
29John Ventura262827292927303022652
Robert Johnson272534282829262922652
Jimmy Mott293430252630262622652
Michael Hitt2528302831273027226
33Bo Luthie263430242731243122748.5
Rick Alessi323126282630252922748.5
35Tony Varnadore262932332527272922846
Darrell Britt273232283027252722846
Rick Baird272730312927292822846
38Bill Thompson313030302729252722943.5
Jay Klapper253031292729302822943.5
40Mark Hasty282827312928332623041.5
Rusty Taylor292633283226263023041.5
Paul Sample3126302826302930230
43Barb Mingo273327263228292923140
44Dary Cliche3130242830253034232
45Paul Pastilong3126323031302429233
46Randy Reeves313033282728312623438
Buddy Taylor283033282830302723438
Jim Heikkinen292929283129273223438
Arthur Diamond2936292830302824234
Jocelyn Noel3029262927303132234
51Mike Damsky313130283128272923536
Tony Wright3428282929293028235
53Jeffrey Smith273228342926293123635
Dave Nutini2631372828282632236
55David Lynch302530362729322823733.5
Rodney Ashley322629303326332823733.5
57Larry Simpson303031313330272623832
Jim LeBlanc2429313030303331238
59C. L. Jones302830372728293023931
60Eric Theroux2931322830292833240
61Gene Reams312834312629332924129.5
Bob Haizlip342832313129282824129.5
63Kevin Rutledge2928333527322830242
64Bill Baus2833332931332830245
65Rick Rybaczek3032292931322934246
66Randy Orr383428292829273524828
Chris Bunting3331353332283026248
68Martin Ayotte3232313132313130250
69Greg Roberts353132323231312925327
70Opie Roberts2935313331333031253
71Andre' Dugas3333333230352932257
72Lionel Beaulne3235323030343233258

Amateur Scores for 1998 Eastern Open


1Jim Cruse3130292523262425213$30.00
2Kevin Garrett2827322526302730225$30.00
3Donnie Carpenter2931322530272530229$30.00
4Wayne Saunders, Jr.3131332727282332232$30.00
5William Glisson, Jr.2532323429272628233$15.00
Wesley Pollard3128302928293028233$15.00
7Billy Caudle3028342330323028235
8Ed Grajewski, Jr.3329312826302831236
9Jimmy Comer3030332927312633239
10Jeff Brown3227303227332732240
11Karl Moe2927333224362931241
Rich Gillooly3133343027312728241
13Brian Fridley3330333128302928242
14Amy Smith3231302729333032244
Malcolm Shumaker3231333034282729244
16Justin Taylor2928283329373131246
Dom Perry3030423026312631246
18Clay Craft3132303128332934248
Walt Kolb3128323034313230248
Jonathan Moore3026333133342734248
Richard Lorenz3532303034302631248
22Gil Logan, III3332333029303230249
Jay Smith3035323129283034249
Keith Waters2731343232343029249
25Tony Davenport3233302929343331251
26Roger Whitaker3231353126313334253
Matt Summey3534322932323029253
28Robin Ventura3335322933322634254
29Ken Schooler, II3733323034312831256
30Jonathon Reid3134383232312931258
31Jared Whitaker3332333129333434259
32Russell Johnson3435333333303428260
33Chuck Cyr3228333131353339262
34Tommy Barbour4126313133383040270
35Liz Lane3737363233303335273
36Tracy Logan3433413231353239277

Novice Scores for 1998 Eastern Open

1Chris Konrad3331313332283730255$10.00
2Ronnie Staton3332352736283433258$10.00
3Scott Caudle3536363332273134264
4Robin Dyke3831383027363336269
5Beth Jones3535363833342837276
6Sheila Staton3736423334332937281
7Ron Blackwood3840374136392845304



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