Robert Johnson Rules Supreme in the $2,000 Spartanburg Open

ashley.jpg (5997 bytes)Spartanburg, SC - 31 August 1997 - Robert Johnson, of Lake Wylie, South Carolina, and Lewis Burton, of Lawrenceville, GA, locked in a putting battle that resulted in an 18-hole sudden death playoff in Spartanburg, SC. Johnson eventually claimed the first place title and prize money by defeating Burton on the 18th hole of the playoff after Burton took a four, allowing Johnson to deuce the hole for the win. Johnson takes a qualifying spot for the National Match Play Championship and the opportunity to appear on television.

Qualifier for the National Pro event was Todd Barfield of Fort Mill, South Carolina. In the APA Division, the winner was Spartanburg's Johnny Hostetler.

The 46 players enjoyed great weather and the wonderful hospitality from the Sumerals in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Scores and tournament recap provided by the Putt-Put Home Office

Professional Scores from the 1997 Spartanburg, SC Open
(Spartanburg, SC - 31 August 1997)

 Round Prize  
1Robert Johnson27282681$ 300.00 
2Lewis Burton27262881$ 200.00 50.0
3Michael Hitt29272682$ 150.00 
4Todd Barfield26292883$ 108.33 48.0
Andy Coradini27292783$ 108.33 48.0
Rick Baird30262783$ 108.33 48.0
7Gary Hester28302785$ 95.00 45.0
Randy Reeves28292885$ 95.00 45.0
9C. L. Jones30292786$ 88.33 43.0
Jay Klapper29282986$ 88.33 43.0
Larry Simpson26283286$ 88.33 43.0
12Allen Wall30312687$ 85.00 
13Greg Newport32302688$ 80.00 41.0
14Bill Kirby, Jr.31302889$ 78.33 39.5
Dan Anders26293489$ 78.33 39.5
Richard Griffin31273189$ 78.33 
17Todd Fowler31273290$ 75.00 
18Kevin Lacey3229309137.5
Tony Varnadore3228319137.5
Bob Jackson30293291
21Bob Haizlip2834309235.5
Randy Orr3228329235.5
Robby Bryant33312892
24Enid Klapper3227349334.0
25Tony Jackson2935309432.0
Greg Ward2732359432.0
Darrell Britt3031339432.0
Gary English32313194
29Mike Brown3627329529.5
Brad Lebo3127379529.5
31Frank Warren3728319628.0
32Edgar Hollifield38283197
33Mark Rainey3630339927.0
34Bobby Kirby303241103
35Gene Reams37323510426.0

Amateur Scores from the 1997 Spartanburg, SC Open
(Spartanburg, SC - 31 August 1997)

 Round Prize
1Johnny Hostetler27283186$ 25.00
2Brian Martin31272987$ 25.00
3Kevin Garrett31273492$ 25.00
 William Glisson30303292$ 25.00
5Billy Walters30303393 
6Calvin Waldrop33343198 
7Tommy Hutchinson333335101 
8Jamie Martin352740102 
9Jamie Sanders343336103 
 Steve Helton403132103 
11Jonathan Reid323735104 
12Robbie Waldrop383534107 


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