1997 National Stroke Averages

burton.jpg (7483 bytes)Lewis Burton's march to the 1997 PPA Player of the Year Award included winning the 1997 Tracy Moore Stroke Average Award. Burton's stroke average for 1997 was better than a half a stroke better than Rainey Statum, his nearest competitor for both stroke average average and relative stroke average.

The effect of the difficult scoring in the Dallas, Texas Open can be seen on the standings of Andy Coradini, Randy Reeves, and Kevin Lacey who finished third, fourth, and fifth in relative stroke average but no better than sixth in stroke average.

Last year's Tracy Moore Stroke Average Award winner's, Mike Brown and Danny Dore finished out of the top five in both the stroke average and relative stroke average showing the competitive nature of the game.

StrokeRelative StrokeRounds
1Lewis Burton27.55-1.491 (1)
2Rainey Statum28.08-1.1.74 (2)
3Jay Klapper28.09-0.934 (7)
4Bob Davis28.11-0.617 (23)
5Dave Taylor28.14-0.910 (8)
6Andy Coradini28.17-1.153 (3)
7Randy Reeves28.22-1.128 (4)
8Danny Dore28.27-0.876 (11)
9Kevin Lacey28.32-0.997 (5)
10Bill Kirby, Jr.28.34-0.900 (10)
11Todd Fowler28.39-0.848 (13)
12Roger Beckerman28.39-0.811 (14)
13Angelo Korogianos28.40-0.392 (29)
14Larry Simpson28.40-0.717 (18)
15Greg Ward28.41-0.902 (9)
Mike Brown28.41-0.943 (6)
17Dan Anders28.44-0.873 (12)
18Frank Warren28.45-0.663 (21)
19Bart Bason28.45-0.547 (26)
20David Lynch28.51-0.733 (15)
21Todd Barfield28.56-0.730 (17)
22Rick Baird28.57-0.716 (19)
23Brad Lebo28.61-0.732 (16)
24Michael Hitt28.61-0.569 (25)
25Darrell Britt28.65-0.358 (31)
26Gary Hester28.76-0.676 (20)
27Greg Newport28.76-0.581 (24)
28Bo Luthie28.81-0.142 (35)
29Danny McCaslin28.82-0.472 (27)
30Jimmy Mott28.85-0.088 (37)
31David McCaslin28.86-0.427 (28)
32Robert Johnson28.87-0.659 (22)
33Peter Neumann28.89-0.374 (30)
34Gene Reams28.90-0.152 (34)
35Randy Orr29.02-0.225 (32)
36Tony Jackson29.06-0.213 (33)
37Gary English29.100.624 (48)
38Alan Quinnelly29.170.309 (42)
39Jim Heikkinen29.22-0.125 (36)
40Paul Johns29.30-0.084 (38)
41Don Parker29.330.005 (39)
42C.L. Jones29.380.090 (41)
43Jeff Smith29.390.055 (40)
44Buddy Taylor29.490.448 (43)
45Bob Haizlip29.580.476 (44)
46Manfred Stewart29.630.493 (45)
47Tony Varnadore29.660.618 (46)
48Bill Smith29.680.905 (49)
49Greg Roberts29.860.619 (47)
50Thomas Rawles29.901.150 (50)
51Rodney Ashley30.301.238 (51)
52Mike Damsky30.331.362 (55)
53Mark Rainey30.371.245 (52)
54Michael Culligan30.401.644 (56)
55Mark Hasty30.651.347 (54)
56Robby Bryant30.791.292 (53)
57Enid Klapper30.951.896 (57)
58Barb Mingo31.442.042 (58)
59Bill Walsh32.403.159 (59)

* Number in parentheses to the right of the relative stroke average shows the final standing ordered by relative stroke average.



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