Andy Coradini Wins the 1997 Dallas Open

ashley.jpg (5997 bytes)Dallas, TX - 23-24 August 1997 - As competition began on Saturday, August 23rd, the pressure to win was tangible. The countdown to Orange Lake was winding down, less than a month before the Championship week. The Dallas tournament would determine the 5th position for the television series, a spot coveted by all. Andy Coradini, Loganville, GA, came to the tournament as determined as anyone else to win. Coradini's goal since 1984 has been to play on television in back-to-back years. Having played the television series in 196, he was determined to do so again in 1997. His determination paid off.

At the end of Saturday's rounds, the standing were Dan Anders, Columbus, GA, and Randy Reeves, Montgomery, AL, tied for first with 114. Right behind was Coradini with a score of 116. Tow strokes behind, Coradini entered Sunday's competition determined to "play tough."

Coradini grabbed the lead in round 5 and maintained his position through the 6th, but a disappointing seventh round put on the pressure. Consistent playing by Dallas' Lee Messinger resulted in a tie for first at the start of round 8. Not far behind and applying pressure were Brad Lebo, Philadelphia, PA, and Carolinians Rick Baird and Tony Jackson.

The final round quickly became a contest between Lebo and Coradini, with Lebo grabbing the advantage on the front nine. Coradini did indeed "play tough," acing six of the final 10 holes to win the tournament by one stroke.

According to Coradini, the competition was intense. "You couldn't count on your score until the ball was in the hole," Coradini's victory places him in Show #2 for the TV Series. While Lebo was undoubtedly disappointed, his second place standing earned 98 points, putting him well ahead in the points race.

Scores and tournament recap provided by the Putt-Put Home Office

Professional Scores from the $5,000 Dallas, TX Open

 Round Prize  


1Andy Coradini2828312927283331235$ 1,000.00


2Brad Lebo2928313327312829236$ 700.0098
3Joel Baker3031323231262729238$ 450.00
Lee Messinger2829322829283034238$ 450.00
5Rick Baird3030293229273032239$ 275.0095
Tony Jackson3133293028292831239$ 275.0095
7Kevin Lacey2932333129273029240$ 225.0092
8Dan Anders2827293033323330242$ 175.0090
Brice Bergesen3129293032293131242$ 175.00
Marc Portugal3530312926312931242$ 175.00
11Gary Hester3035293129302831243$ 100.0087
Greg Ward3132323128312929243$ 100.0087
13Randy Reeves2528322931323532244$ 100.0084
Chris Conradi3131303230302635244$ 100.00
15Greg Newport2932283233322931246$ 100.0081
Rainey Statum3032303231332731246$ 100.0081
17David Lynch3032313233293031248$ 100.0077
Randy Orr3228302935313132248$ 100.0077
19Todd Barfield2935283231303232249$ 100.0074
20Peter Neumann3328322934353227250$ 100.0072
21Jeff Smith333028343131352925170
22Joel Woodall3029323132313532252
23Don Parker323237303429312825367
Mark Hasty303233313232313225367
John Tritz3034353328313329253
26Greg Roberts303233343031323425664
27Danny McCaslin273530313035373425962
28Mike Brown333535293331303426059
Paul Johns363238333031293126059
Al Simpson3236333330333231260
31Tom Adair3630363333333130262
32David McCaslin343532353230313526456
33C. L. Jones303737383830333027354

Amateur Scores from the $5,000 Dallas, TX Open

 Round Prize


1Tim Murphree3033293229333230248$ 30.00
2Jonathan Drexler3432313029283334251$ 30.00
3Tony Davenport3032333130313035252$ 30.00
4Mike Huckaby2831323428333631253$ 30.00
5Hosey Murphree3434353532313126258
6Steve Willmann3031293034353537261
7Joe Schaefer3331293034353537262
8Dwain Willett3335343232333333265
9Matt Lagos3434303034374236277


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