Fourth Fayetteville Putter
Annexes Major Title
(1975 APA World Putting Championship)

Columbus, OH (PPA Course) - 25 June 1975 - Fayetteville, North Carolina remains the Amateur Putting Capital of the world.

Scarborough is the latest Fayetteville player to capture the coveted World Putting Championship claiming a 4 and 3 decision over Doug Spring, Seattle, Washington, here June 25. The event was held in conjunction with the 1975 World Professional Putting Championship at the Georgesville Road course.

Scarborough, 16, eliminated favored Lee Witcofski, Winston-Salem, NC, 7 and 6 in the match-play semifinals after disposing of Billye Brazelton, Huntsville, Alabama, 3 and 2 in a quarterfinal match.

Spring defeated Curtis Taylor, Fort Worth, Texas, 4 and 3 to advance to the finals. He upended Shreveport, La. 1973 National Amateur Champion Shawn Dunahoe, 5 and 3 in the quarterfinals.

Scarborough, long playing in the shadows of Myatt, Gies, and Kirby, found himself in a deadlock after 30 holes of the scheduled 36-hole duel with Spring but dropped aces on the next four holes ending the match at the pipe-guarded 16th hole of the No. 4 course.

"There was just no way I could lose and face that threesome," said Scarborough pointing a finger at Myatt, Gies, and Kirby. "They set an example for me. Actually we all set examples for one another. Billy did it first, David followed, then Ricky, now me!"

"Right now," the bushy-haired Scarborough continued, "we've got to get back to Fayetteville and show this to Steve Crumbley. He's one of the best JPA (Junior Putters Association) putters we've got there and I'm sure he would want to carry on the tradition."

Bill Kirby

"Without a doubt its an unparallel feat in the history of the Amateur Putters Association. We take pride in our accomplishment along with the Fayetteville course. The late E.G. Clayton, co-founder of Putt-Putt Golf Courses of America and owner of the Fayetteville course would be delighted to know of such an achievement. He loved competition among young amateurs. Probably the most important things for us - all of us that have participated as amateurs - to remember is that there was no APA in 1970. Before then amateurs received little recognition. We can't forget that if it wasn't for a fellow by the name of Jeff Kipnis from Atlanta, Ga., there might not have been an APA."

David Gies

"It seems like no time that Quincy and I were out on the Fayetteville course tying to be like Billy. He had played for a long time before we ever  thought about the game. Now, Quincy, Billy, Ricky and I all hold major titles. I take a lot of pride in this. You know it's got to make the course proud Billy, well ... I always wanted to see him win it because it meant so much to him personally."

Ricky Myatt

"Winning the World twice would have been exciting for me. I felt that I was hitting the ball well enough to win myself. I can't explain though. If it couldn't be me I'm just glad it was somebody from Fayetteville. Really that's what counted the most. Quincy's already told me he doesn't plan to turn professional until he gets the opportunity to defend the title. And I'm not going into the pro ranks for awhile so we've still got a pretty good shot at winning it again."

1976 World Amateur Putting Championship Bracket

Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Finals
Curtis Taylor Curtis Taylor
(4 and 3)
Sam Baucom
  Doug Spring
(6 and 5)
Doug Spring Doug Spring
(5 and 3)
Shawn Dunahoe   Quincy Scarborough
(4 and 3)
Lee Witcofski Lee Witcofski
(3 and 2)
Joel Baker  Quincy Scarborough
(7 and 6)
Quincy Scarborough

Quincy Scarborough
(3 and 2)

Billye Brazelton  


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