Randy DeLoach Wins 1971 National Championship

Winston-Salem, NC (3-4 July 1971)

Randy DeLoach, 20, of Atlanta, Georgia, topped the 175 man field in the recent $10,000 National Championship at Winston-Salem's Putt-Putt Golf Course with a fantastic score of 218 for the 144-hole event.  DeLoach, the 1968 Amateur National Champion, posted a final day score of 100 for 72-holes to capture a one stroke lead in the prestigious putting event.  This 72-hole score earned for DeLoach a new title for the lowest score ever tallied - an amazing 44 under par.  The previous record of 39 under par was earned by Tom O'Brien of Cleveland during the previous day's competition.

DeLoach finished the first 72-holes of competition with a score of 118, in a six way tie for twelfth.  But second day rounds of 25, 27, 24, and 24 pushed the mop haired pro into a commanding lead.  By the final round, only two men had a chance of catching DeLoach, Bob Williamson of Jacksonville, Florida, and Rick Zola of Maple Heights, Ohio.  Williamson, a former PPA National Champion, dropped putts from all angles in an attempt to catch DeLoach; but, at the conclusion, found himself one stroke short of a victory which would have made him the second man in history to win the National Championship twice - a feat accomplished by Vance Randall of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Williamson commented, "I didn't win but I putted as well as I know how."

Rick Zola finished third with a score of 220.  At the start of the last round, Zola stood an excellent chance of topping DeLoach's score.  But the Ohio pro was unable to claim the putts necessary for a victory.  "I wasn't sure I could catch him," stated Zola.  "I figured I'd just have to play it hole by hole."

DeLoach's victory earned more than a 72-hole record.  It also tied the 144-hole record of 70 under par held by Dick Florin, the reigning champion of the $100,000 World Putting Championship.

The new National Champion is a popular member of the PPA tour.  Many of his fellow pros joke with him about some of his comments in the past, including "How big is a three inch pipe?" or "What color is a baby blue XKE?"  DeLoach's latest comment concerns his lovely wife, Mindy.  "She brings me bad luck when she's watching me putt," states the veteran Putt-Putter with 14 years of experience.  "Every time she's on the course, I lose."  Mindy DeLoach adds, "The best thing I can do for him while he's playing is to go to sleep in the car."

In the amateur division, Kettering's Roger Hart earned a one stroke lead through Saturday's competition and managed to stretch out an eight stroke victory margin before the conclusion of play.  The popular 14 year old amateur, elected by the fellow amateurs to receive the 1971 Amateur Service Award, paralleled his putting career to the of pro champion DeLoach.  "As soon as I can turn pro," states Hart, "I'll be trying hard to follow Randy's example."

Roger Hart travels to tournaments with his father, Jim, and his younger brother, Jimmy.  All three if the Harts' are APA members and regular tournament participants.  Roger's father, Jim Hart, explained, "I got tired of watching them (his sons) play . . . so I started to play.  It's a little frustration when I can't beat either one of them."

Roger's best round in this event was 25, one stroke over his own previous best score.  The young amateur did not maintain his commanding lead throughout the entire tournament, "I lost the lead during the first round Sunday but the I got it back in the second round."

Interestingly, the first five finishers in the amateur ranks after Saturday's competition were still in the top five on Sunday, although in some cases their position changed.  The top five amateurs included Hart, Robert Smith of Dallas, Doug Cortellini of Indianapolis, Bill Kirby of Fayetteville, and Jay Vetter of Louisville.

Cortellini, the recent member of the $10,000 Amateur National Invitational in Indianapolis, dropped from second place and a one stroke deficit on Saturday to third and a nine stroke shortage on Sunday.  "The putts just weren't falling," stated Cortellini.  "I don't know what I could have done differently.  They just wouldn't go in the cup."

An amazing number of putts did fall for many participants in this event as evidenced by comparing the scores of the 1970 National Championship with this year's tournament.  Both the pro and amateur divisions of last year's Louisville tournament were won with scores of 230, 58 under par.  This year, a score of 230 would have only won $212.50 instead of the first place prize of $2,000.  Fourteen pros scored better than 230 this year.  Three amateurs performed equally as well.

In the $2,500 Pro/Am held on Friday, July 2, pro Mark Lordahl of Jacksonville, Florida, teamed with Jerry Krull of Cleveland, Ohio, to win the event.  They defeated Randy DeLoach and his partner, Jimmy Craig of Orlando, Florida, by a margin of four up with three holes to play.  The semi-finalist teams included pro Herman Strickland of Macon, Georgia, and amateur Glenn Thompson of Euclid, Ohio; and pro Dennis Crispin of Baltimore, Maryland, with amateur Roy Zerner, also of Baltimore.

Both the PPA and the APA held their annual business sessions at the National Championship.  The elective offices of each organization were filled and the annual honors were bestowed.  Here's a recap of those people recognized for various awards at this tournament.

Rick Smith of Muncie, Indiana, received the Tracy Moore Memorial Trophy for the best stroke average in the PPA over the last twelve months.  Smith tallied a 29.29 stroke average, four hundredths of a stroke ahead of Winston-Salem's Wilbur Hildebrand, to win this coveted traveling trophy.

The Gil Caito Sportsmanship Award was presented to Tommy Hoag of Jacksonville, Florida.  Hoag was elected by his fellow pros to receive this coveted honor.

The Amateur of the Year Award went to Gary English of Orlando, Florida.  English has proven himself to consistently be one of the best competitors in the APA.

The Amateur Sportsmanship Award was presented to young Jimmy Craig of Orlando, Florida.  Craig, an amputee as a result of complications arising from a broken leg, proved that, even on crutches, a man can be a strong competitor if he has the desire.

Six men were elected to the Pros Players Committee including Roger Moore (Chairman) of Atlanta, Georgia; Wilbur Hildebrand of Winston-Salem, North Carolina; John Connor of Greenville, South Carolina; Tom Belcher of Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Carl Strickland of Atlanta, Georgia; and Charlie Connor of Asheville, North Carolina.  Jeff Kipnis of Atlanta was selected to serve as the APA's representative to the Pros Playing Committee and the Board of Directors.

Professional Division

Player City Total Cash
1 Randy DeLoach Atlanta, GA 218 $ 2,000.00
2 Bob Williamson Jacksonville, FL 219 $ 1,300.00
3 Rick Zola Maple Heights, OH 221 $ 1,000.00
4 Daryl Freeman Bristol, VA 222    $ 900.00
Tom O'Brien East Cleveland, OH 222    $ 800.00
6 Roger Moore Atlanta, GA 225    $ 700.00
7 Robert Lipscomb Ft. Worth, TX 227    $ 575.00
8 John Roessner Indianapolis, IN 228    $ 343.75
Steve Hollandsworth Baton Rouge, LA 228    $ 343.75
Ken Boy Bristol, TN 228    $ 343.75
Rick Smith Muncie, IN 228    $ 343.75
12 Bob Huebachman Baltimore, MD 229    $ 250.00
13 Larry Peters Atlanta, GA 230    $ 212.50
Vance Randall Oglethorpe, GA 230    $ 212.50
15 James White South Euclid, OH 231    $ 150.00
Wilbur Hildebrand Winston-Salem, NC 231    $ 150.00
Tony Cross Louisville, KY 231    $ 150.00
18 Fred Settan, Jr. Baltimore, MD 232      $ 87.50
Ray Browning Avon Lake, OH 232      $ 87.50
20 Dick Florin Atlanta, GA 233      $ 50.00
21 John Connor Greenville, SC 234
Jimmy Harritos Atlanta, GA 234
23 Richard Buchan Henderson, NC 235
Daryl Hayden Indianapolis, IN 235
Eddie Coxey Gastonia, NC 235
26 Buddy Taylor Baltimore, MD 236
27 Herman Strickland Macon, GA 237
28 Tommy Belcher Baton Rouge, LA 238
Gary Understein Bethesda, MD 238
Leo Gawor 238
John Kessler Baltimore, MD 238
John White Raleigh, NC 238
Neil Connor Greenville, SC 238
Kamal Harchaoui Dayton, OH 238
35 Rocco Bevilacqua Parma Heights, OH 239
36 Bob Poltis Monroeville, PA 240
Bill Baus Euclid, OH 240
Wendall Sikes Decatur, GA 240
39 John Snyder Eastlake, OH 241
40 Jack Howell Euclid, OH 242
William Edwards McLean, VA 242
42 John Ridd Kettering, OH 243
John Thoburn Strongsville, OH 243
Clayton Turner, Jr. Burlington, NC 243
Danny Lane Winston-Salem, NC 243
Bob Marcellino Washington, DC 243
47 Charles McIntosh Decatur, GA 244
Fred Scott Bristol, VA 244
Carl Strickland Jonesboro, GA 244
Mike Pfeiffer Orlando, FL 244
51 Eddie Austin Lake Charles, LA 245
52 Lloyd Joyce High Point, NC 246
Gene VonWaldner Savannah, GA 246
Donald Essex Jacksonville, FL 246
Lee Weldy Columbus, GA 246
56 Stanley Wagner Bristol, VA 248
John Thomas Nashville, TN 248
Dennis Sweeney Dayton, OH 248
Alan Riley Greensboro, NC 248
60 Thomas Hoag Jacksonville, FL 249
61 Walter Smith Indianapolis, IN 250
Cliff Moose Gastonia, NC 250
63 Dan DiMarino Baltimore, MD 251
64 Larry Gilreath Titusville, FL 252
Randy Isley Haw River, NC 252
Charles Painter Oak Ridge, TN 252
67 Evelyn Florin Atlanta, GA 253
Robert Evans Middleburg Heights, OH 253
67 James Grinstead Euclid, OH 253
Sam Hurlbert Jacksonville, FL 253
71 Edward Myers Shreveport, LA 254
72 Larry Siebert North Wilkesboro, NC 256
73 Pat Sams Montreat, NC 257
74 Tommy Hubbard Jacksonville, FL 258
Thomas Foster Wilmington, DE 258
Richard Eaton Florence, SC 258
77 Woodson Gullick 259
Glenn Burnie Baltimore, MD 259
John Strauss Raleigh, NC 259
Murray Hodges Jacksonville, FL 259
81 Charlie Hayes Winston-Salem, NC 260
82 Leslie Gardner Syracuse, NY 261
Marion Marcellino Washington, DC 261
84 R.B. Williams, Jr. Atlanta, GA 262
Dennis Crispin Baltimore, MD 262
86 Howell Smith Atlanta, GA 263
87 Gary Graveley Montgomery, AL 264
88 James Mote Jonesboro, GA 265
Dave Burden Arlington, TX 265
90 Warren Morris Orlando, FL 268
91 Jerry Lusenhop Mt. Angel, OR 269
James Foster Wilmington, DE 269
93 James Mellichampe High Point, NC 271
George Whitworth Tonawanda, NY 271
95 Garry McFalls Fayetteville, NC 276
96 William Cates Greensboro, NC 317

Amateur Division

Player City Total
1 Roger Hart Kettering, OH 221
2 Robert Smith Dallas, TX 229
3 Doug Cortellini Indianapolis, IN 230
4 Bill Kirby Fayetteville, NC 232
5 Jay Vetter Louisville, KY 234
Andy Young Birmingham, AL 234
7 Gary English Orlando, FL 235
8 Roy Zerner Baltimore, MD 236
9 Dave Taylor Baltimore, MD 238
Scooter Dunahoe Luna Pier, MI 238
Gregg Hebrank Xenia, OH 238
12 Jerry Woosley Jacksonville, FL 239
13 Tommy Godfrey Greenville, SC 240
Dan Anders Orlando, FL 240
15 Alan Barton Knoxville, TN 241
16 Tim Jones Hillsborough, NC 242
Tom Blackwell Oak Ridge, TN 242
18 Charles Davis Winston-Salem, NC 243
Harold Mikell Fayetteville, NC 243
Danny Keever High Point, NC 243
21 Jeff Florin Akron, OH 244
John Kelsey Winston-Salem, NC 244
Jimmy Hart Kettering, OH 244
Edward Turner Orlando, FL 244
25 Wendel Love Pinnacle, NC 245
26 Scott Farmer Winston-Salem, NC 246
27 Joe Aboid Parma, OH 247
Glenn Abraham Kettering, OH 247
Charles Butler New Mexico 247
Danny Bricker Winston-Salem, NC 247
Glenn Thompson Euclid, OH 247
32 Larry Jessup Brown's Summit, NC 248
Robert Johnson Greenville, SC 248
Ronnie Scarborough Greenville, SC 248
35 Danny Henderson Fayetteville, NC 249
Larry Mattingly High Point, NC 249
Parker Winston Orlando, FL 249
38 David Gies Fayetteville, NC 252
Jeff Kipnis Atlanta, GA 252
Bob Haverstock Ft. Wayne, IN 252
41 Charles Forman Columbus, OH 253
Scott Bourne Indianapolis, IN 253
43 James Martin Conley, GA 255
Butch Tomlinson Winston-Salem, NC 255
Charles Zeni, Jr. Altamonte Springs, FL 255
46 Jimmy Craig Rockledge, FL 256
Paul Pastilong Maple Heights, OH 256
Mark Wilson Denver, CO 256
Billye Brazelton Huntsville, AL 256
50 Deborah Collins Jacksonville, FL 257
Bruce Parham Atlanta, GA 257
J.D. Phillips, Jr. Lynchburg, VA 257
Gerald Krull Cleveland, OH 257
54 Arnold Davis, Jr. High Point, NC 259
55 Jim Lee Hart Kettering, OH 262
56 John Grice Fayetteville, NC 263
57 Kelvin Copley Winston-Salem, NC 265
Jimmy Galbreath Huntsville, AL 265
59 Walter Ridd, Sr. Kettering, OH 267
60 Dave Phillips Lynchburg, VA 268
61 Phil Martin Greenville, SC 269
62 Louis Fischer Cleveland, OH 271
Charles Halsey Thomasville, NC 271
64 Gary Hinshaw Greensboro, NC 273
65 Paul Schlossman Kenmore, NY 275
66 Shawn Dunahoe Luna Pier, MI 277
67 Philip Davis Winston-Salem, NC 279
68 James Hedgecock High Point, NC 286
69 Gary Neuman Danville, VA 288



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