The History of the PPA
(1960 - 1969)

The Professional Putters Association, originally known as the PPPGA - Putt-Putt Professional Golfers Association, played its first official events in the summer of 1960. The summer tour of 1960 saw the then PPPGA play in 14 cities and featured a purse of $25,000 and a $5,000 PPA National Championship.

Low Stroke Average - Frank Holt
PPA Player of the Year - Neil Connor
Low Stroke Average - Ken Boy
PPA Player of the Year - Bob Williamson
Low Stroke Average - Vance Randall
  • Chuck Schafer wins $5,000 New Orleans Open (New Orleans, LA)
  • Bill Elyer wins the 1962 PPA Southern Open (Savannah, GA)
  • Pat Youmans wins the $3,000 High Point Open (High Point, NC)
  • Neil Connor wins the 1962 Eastern Open (Farmingdale, NY)
  • George Bearden wins $5,000 International Open (Cleveland, OH)
  • Paul Garrison wins the 1962 National Championship (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Bob Williamson wins the $3,000 Bristol Open (Bristol, TN)
  • Ralph Sapp wins the $5,000 Houston Open (Houston, TX)
  • Daryl Freeman wins the $3,000 Pacific Open (Los Angeles, CA)
PPA Player of the Year - Vance Randall
Low Stroke Average - Vance Randall
PPA Sportsmanship Award - Sam Schafer
  • John Spotts wins the $50,000 1963 National Championship (Cleveland, OH)
  • Ron Slocumb wins the $5,000 Midwestern Open (Indianapolis, IN)
  • John Helms wins the $5,000 Carolinas' Open (Charlotte, NC)
  • Neil Connor wins the 1963 Southern Open (Atlanta, GA)
  • Chuck Schafer wins the 1963 Gulf Coast Open (Lake Charles, LA)
PPA Player of the Year - John Connor
Low Stroke Average - John Connor
PPA Sportsmanship Award - Dave Warrington and Walt Moore
PPA Player of the Year - Lee Weldy
Low Stroke Average - Lehman Key
PPA Sportsmanship Award - Tracy Moore

$1,000 PPA Tournaments listed by PPA Winner - Site (Date)

  • Carl Strickland wins the Jacksonville Open (Jacksonville, FL - May 23rd, 1965)
  • Lee Weldy wins the Mobile Open (Mobile, AL - May 26th, 1965)
  • Ray Wingerter wins the Lafayette Open (Lafayette, LA - May 30th, 1965)
  • Al Simpson wins the Ft. Worth Open (Ft. Worth, TX - June 6th, 1965)
  • Bob Williamson wins the Albuquerque Open (Albuquerque, NM - June 9th, 1965)
  • Ron Adams wins the Tacoma Open (Tacoma, WA - June 20th, 1965)
  • Mike Fuqua wins the Denver Open (Denver, CO - June 23rd, 1965)
  • Lehman Key wins the Memphis Open (Memphis, TN - June 27th, 1965)
  • Bob Poltis wins the Morristown Open (Morristown, TN - July 7th, 1965)
  • Ken Boy wins the Winston-Salem Open (Winston-Salem, NC - July 11th, 1965)
  • Lee Weldy wins the Lynchburg Open (Lynchburg, VA - July 14th, 1965)
  • Condy Roberson wins the Hyattsville Open (Hyattsville, MD - July 18th, 1965)
  • Gary Ganim wins the Cleveland Open (Cleveland, OH - July 21st, 1965)
  • Tom Kehl wins the Sandusky Open (Sandusky, OH - July 25th, 1965)
  • Vance Randall wins the Ft. Wayne Open (Ft. Wayne, IN - July 28th, 1965)
  • Tony Russo wins the Springfield Open (Springfield, IL - August 11th, 1965)
  • Jim Harritos wins the Cincinnati Open (Cincinnati, OH - August 15th, 1965)

PPA Player of the Year - Ken Boy
Low Stroke Average - James Cox

Click here to download the 1966 PPA Fact Book (PDF format)

PPA Player of the Year - Vance Randall
PPA Player of the Year - Rick Smith
Low Stroke Average - Bill Ruskauff
  • Rick Smith wins the 1968 Southern Open (Montgomery, AL)
  • Bob Marcellino wins the 1968 National Championship (Louisville, KY)
  • Bob Lipscomb wins the1968 Western Open (Colorado Springs, CO)
PPA Player of the Year - Vance Randall



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