Neil Connor Wins PPPGA National Championship

ATLANTA, GA   …The $5,000 PPPGA National Championship tournament had a perfect holiday setting and Fourth of July fireworks were certain to fly in the scramble for the $2,000 top pay-off.

Neil Connor, amazing young pro from Greenville, South Carolina, shot a breath-taking 190, 26 under par for the 108 hole route, to demonstrate his winning form and truly phenomenal putting ability. Connor aced 21 holes and with his 190 total won first place money of $2,000.00. Neil state that with this money he plans to enter Southern Tech in Atlanta and plans to major in electrical engineering.

Connor was trailed by Keith Richardson of Houston, Texas, who shot a 193, 23 under par, to win second place money of $1,000. Richardson previously placed fifth in the Houston PPPGA tourney held on June 4th with his 214 aggregate good for $62.50.

Bob Williamson of Jacksonville, Florida, money-winner in each of the six national PPPGA tournaments thus far, brought his total PPPGA earnings up to $1,137.50 mark this week by copping third place for $500 with his 194 total.

The next national PPPGA tourney will be held on Saturday, July 9 on the Putt Putt Golf Course, Independence Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina. Prize money will total $2,000, with top-pay off of $1,000 going to first place winner. This tourney will mark the mid-way point of the PPPGA's $30,000 summer putting season, to be followed by seven more nationals across the country.

Results of the $5,000 PPPGA National Championship Tournament

Atlanta, Georgia


Home Course


Prize Money

Neil Connor Greenville, SC 190 $2,000.00
Keith Richardson Houston, TX 193 $1,000.00
Bob Williamson Jacksonville, FL 194 $500.00
Ted Brown High Point, NC 195 $250.00
Ron Nixon Columbus, GA 196 $250.00
Lehman Key Lake Charles, LA 197 $150.00
W. H. Strickland Macon, GA 197 $150.00
Jim Bryan East Point, GA 200 $100.00
Walter Wende Orlando, FL 201 $100.00
Freeman Hutton Atlanta, GA 201 $100.00
LeRoy Cooper East Point, GA 201 $100.00
Howard Troutman Jacksonville, FL 203 $100.00
Jim Kelly Columbus, GA 203 $100.00
Frank Holt Savannah, GA 204 $50.00
Bob Duncan Lynchburg, VA 204 $50.00
Herb Seaton Johnson City, TN 204 $50.00
Daryl A. Freeman Bristol, VA 205
H. H. Hardester Orlando, FL 206
Lee Weldy Savannah, GA 206
Tom Meyers Savannah, GA 206
John Connor Greenville, SC 206
Ed Anderson Hickory, NC 207
Gary Smith Atlanta, GA 207
Earl Fritts Houston, TX 207
Bob Anderson Atlanta, GA 207
Fritz Schafer Jacksonville, FL 207
Ashely Slocum Columbus, GA 207
John Curlee Columbus, GA 207
Walter Dryden Charleston, WV 208
Tracy Moore Augusta, GA 208
Paul Collette Knoxville, TN 208
Chuck Schafer Augusta, GA 208
Frank Reid Atlanta, GA 208
Ed Shelby Augusta, GA 209
Glenn Frye Hickory, NC 209
Ray Andrews Wilson, NC 209
Bud Maggi Atlanta, GA 209
Roy Collingsworth Macon, GA 209
Richard Minnick Bristol, TN 210
Vernon Taylor High Point, NC 210
Howard Collins Columbia, SC 210
Don Posey Winston-Salem, NC 210
Dennis Harville N. Augusta, SC 211
Jack Stuart Macon, GA 211
Richard Pearson Augusta, GA 211
Condy Roberson Savannah, GA 211
Bill King Cayce, SC 211
Don Holt Greeneville, TN 212
Bob Brooks Knoxville, TN 212
Jan Bowman Bristol, TN 213
Harold Wooten Winston-Salem, NC 213
Vance Randall Asheville, NC 213
Joe Hayes Winston-Salem, NC 213
C. C. Reid Winston-Salem, NC 213
Bob Shutt Winston-Salem, NC 214
Joe Drefahl New Orleans, LA 214
C. L. Ennis Jacksonville, FL 214
Ben Crabtree Dallas, TX 214
Jim Anderson Augusta, GA 215
Jim Maher Decatur, GA 215
Pete Reid Atlanta, GA 215
Eric Ficken Atlanta, GA 216
Neil Alexander Atlanta, GA 217
Harry Williams Roseboro, NC 217
Ken Boy Bristol, TN 218
Charles Hayes Winston-Salem, NC 218
Jim Cox Phoenix, AL 219
Lamar Brown Atlanta, GA


Joe Huey Savannah, GA 223

All other contestants were eliminated after 72 holes of medal play in qualifying rounds.

Next National Tournament ... Charlotte, NC

July 9th ...... $2,000

On July 9th, the seventh national PPPGA tournament will be held on the Putt Putt Golf Course, Independence Boulevard, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Qualifying rounds will begin promptly at 1 PM. All pros must be initially registered prior to that 1 PM, July 8th if registering at tournament site, and by 1 PM, July 7th, if registering through the Home Office. Top prize money will be $1,000.

Top Money Winners to Date:

Player Home Course

Money Winnings

Frank Holt Savannah $2,615.00*
Neil Connor Greenville, SC $2,010.00
Ronnie Nixon Columbus, GA $1,640.00*
Bob Williamson Jacksonville, FL $1,137.50
Earl Fritts Houston, TX $1,067.72
Keith Richardson Houston, TX $1,062.50
Ronnie Slocum Columbus, GA $750.00
Charles Schafer Augusta, GA $500.00
John Curlee Columbus, GA $395.00
Lehman Key Lake Charles, LA $365.00

  *Includes both local and national winnings.

Lowest Average Scores per 18 (National PPPGA Tournaments)

Player Home Course

Stroke Average

Ted Brown High Point, NC 32.50
Neil Connor Greenville, SC 33.25
Freeman Hutton Atlanta, GA 33.50
Howard Troutman Jacksonville, FL 33.83
Jim Kelly Columbus, GA 33.83
Ronnie Nixon Columbus, GA 33.83
W. H. Strickland Macon, GA 33.83
Jim Bryan Atlanta, GA 33.92
Frank Holt Savannah, GA 33.92
Bob Duncan Lynchburg, VA 34.00

A new national average stroke record was set this week by Ted Brown of High Point. Previous record hold was Frank Holt with a 33.90 average.

In Brown's first national PPPGA tournament, his average score per 18 holes was 32.50.

Winner of the vacation fun festival drawing for the trip to Mexico City is Mr. Melvin Stevens, 1490 N.W. 83rd Terrace, Miami, Florida as determined in the VFF drawing on July 4th in Atlanta, Georgia.



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